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Bigfoot did 9-11 (smoking gun edition)

9-11 was an inside job… DUH! Everybody knows that. But just who exactly was on the inside. Many different theories have been floated about the events of that day… Mini-nukes… X-11 Drones… Holographic planes… Controlled demolition… This shocking documentary finally answers the questions about the conspiracy with 100% proof. This movie ends the debate. Bigfoot did 9-11. Fight the Illuminati New World Order Bigfoot Cabal! Stay tuned for Bigfoot did 9-11 (researcher’s edition) coming soon.

The word is getting out! The conspiracy is breaking wide open! If you want to learn how you can join the fight by wearing Bigfoot did 9-11 gear then click here


One Response to “Bigfoot did 9-11 (smoking gun edition)”

  1. […] Sasquatch Pride You can consider this the third part of the trilogy that started with Bigfoot did 9-11 and expanded to include GrosserFuß Waffen SS: Hitler’s Secret […]

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