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chemtrail photo of the day



One Response to “chemtrail photo of the day”

  1. I have been doing research on the new world order for the last year or so.I am finally starting to see the big picture.Either we as a whole nation have to stand up to these fucken sick zionist motherfuckers and there cronies.The world elite and there high class slaves are engaged in world depopulation .The only way to beat these sick perverted luceferian loving fucks is for everyone to just stop all at once.No more going in to work.If we stop manufacturing there high priced cloths,filling cars with there gas,people need to stop normal life.The time has come to stand up to these people before there plan is successful and we are seperated from your loved ones.I implore those of you with this knowledge to tell people the truth so that we have strenghth in numbers.Somethingis not right check out concentration camps and the north american union.

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