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New World Order Family Circus



5 Responses to “New World Order Family Circus”

  1. is it taken from dennis the menace. i loved that comic and also its tv version.

  2. Huh?

  3. Family Circus is a preachy comic staple found in your local newspaper. Young kids today lack education on the comic classics. I blame teh interwebs. I’ll bet Jason has never heard of Calvin or Hobbes.

    I like the upgrade version of Dennis the Menace. . . a.k.a Bart Simpson.

    I wonder if Bart has any ties to the New World Order? Do they spray chemtrails in Springfield?

  4. Dennis the Menace is obviously a covert NWO agent sent specifically to distract and misdirect Mr. Wilson so as to continuously keep the poor man too busy and upset to be able to clearly see the whole truth of what is going on right in front of his eyes. Mr. Wilson forever seeks the peace and quiet that will forever elude him so long as Dennis the Menace’s evil Illuminati schemes continue to torment him.

    Bart Simpson is another thing altogether. As has been overtly revealed by the TV series, the entire world is run by the elite secret societies. Bart thinks he is too cool for school and has it all figured out, but he’s just another small town bumpkin out in the sticks. Due to his general attitude of defiance toward authority though, you can bet that the New World Order has their eye on him.

    The Family Circus has always had their sweet religious side where Dolly, Jeffy, PJ and the gang horribly mangle everyday words and phrases in some sickeningly cute and Christian way. But behind closed doors their mom and dad have been doing some research of their own into what is going on all around them. Their Bible study group has slowly taken them deeper and deeper into a complex netherworld of ideology and over time they have come to the conclusion that a vast evil conspiracy for global control is being waged by a small group of powerful elite. They know all this is part of the imminent Apocalypse. Over time as they await The End Times together, their new belief system starts to rub off on the kids and pretty soon the cartoon punchlines are not quite so cute as they used to be.

  5. You need to make a few where the gang horribly mangle everyday words and phrases in some sickeningly cute New World Order way. Unless, of course you are some sort of double agent government shill, then meh.

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