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chemtrail photo of the day



3 Responses to “chemtrail photo of the day”

  1. Hi
    My wife took a pic almost identical to yours.
    Kincardine Ontario.
    She ran into a old byfriend from 30 years ago who just happens to be in the Canadian Military.
    We have taken tons of pics and video of chemtrails. She thought she would ask his opinion about all the planes spraying overhead.
    His response-“what planes”.

    When she pressured for a better answer he came up with i’ts probably the humidity.

    I know we believe him and now we have nothing to worry about.lol

    I put up a chemtrail video on my blog and within three minutes the US military were watching it.
    WTF- NWO has arrived.

    Take care

  2. My understanding is that the first thing that the chemtrails attack in your body is the lower frontal lobes. Humor appreciation appears to be based in the lower frontal lobes of the brain, a location associated with social and emotional judgment and planning.

    Initial symptoms of the chemtrails effects seem to include changes in personality including the loss of a sense of humor, or the failure of the ability to recognize a joke.

    If after your chemtrail exposure you notice any of these symptoms you should seek professional help immediately.

  3. LOL!

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