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New World Order Family Circus



3 Responses to “New World Order Family Circus”

  1. It seems as though the “plastic coffins” may have been purchased just before 9-11 and the videos show that they have been stored for years. Here are a few questions:

    Why did they buy them before 9-11 and what did they really have planned? More anthrax?

    Why are they still storing them? What do they still have planned?

  2. Do a Google Earth search for:

    B & W Waste Inc

    1240 Lions Club Rd
    Madison, GA 30650

    Then come back and explain to me how it is just a FEMA front for the Illuminati New World Order and everybody on the Red List is going to be awakened at 4am one of these mornings, taken to the death camps, and turned into Soylent Green.

  3. Be a stooge of the Antichrist, or be buried in Georgia.

    A choice nobody should have to make.

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