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New World Order Family Circus


Hey everybody… CLICK HERE to check out the archive for any of the New World Order Family Circus cartoons you might have missed!


4 Responses to “New World Order Family Circus”

  1. I know Bill Keane, and you ain’t no Bill Keane.

    However, if this is the best that the unwashed social-Liberals can do, welcome President Mcaine.

    Pathetic, and in complete copyright violation.

    We’ll be contacting Mr. Keane ASAP

  2. Heh! I wouldn’t worry too much about Spooky McThreatenpants, texas buddha. Dude doesn’t know how Bil spells his name. Has trouble with McCain, too. Totally harsh avatar, tho.

    Great blog. Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Yeah, kind of funny that his blog endorses McCain (with what looks to be a photo of him from about 20 years ago), and yet he flubs the spelling of the guy’s name.

    But I think he was kind of worked up when he was typing… He left the same comment on several of my posts, and he tried to leave a link to his blog, but he forgot the “.com”.

  4. What’s really funny is that to right-wingers I am a “unwashed social-Liberal” and the conspiracy theorists call me names like “neo-con”.

    I get it from both sides.

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