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hoaxing the hoaxers: the anatomy of an internet prank

So awhile back a co-worker of mine brought to my attention the new building that our favorite local brewery will soon be moving to. They have a webpage up advertising their expansion complete with pictures of their soon-to-be new facility.

The moment I saw the pictures I was reminded of websites I have seen that supposedly show FEMA concentration camps… So I had to whip out this little parody.

Here is the prison watchtower:


And here is the “death chamber”:


For added authenticity I did a little copy and paste from one of my favorite crazy conspiracy theory blogs on the subject of the New World Order red/blue/yellow coded “marked for death” lists.

Within a couple of days I was getting hits from websites linking to my “news article” as evidence of the New World Order conspiracy and warning people to get right with God before the coming Apocalypse.

Good times… Good times.


One Response to “hoaxing the hoaxers: the anatomy of an internet prank”

  1. Its Funny because it is true ( you cant see my tonge in cheek)

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