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McCain’s VP choice smacks of pandering…

Looks like McCain’s advisors felt the need to show that not just Democrats can make history with their choice of candidates… Oh wait, the Democrats made this history first way back in 1984 when Walter Mondale took Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. Oh well. All it took for the Republicans to come around to the idea was 24 years and a feeling that they needed to do something to steal the historic thunder of Barack Obama’s nomination.

While picking Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate is designed to show how forward thinking the GOP can be, the choice really seems an attempt to appeal to the imaginary block of disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters who would rather choose their candidate based upon her sex organs than because of any of the actual political issues of the day.

Rush Limbaugh has been crowing about the choice of Palin as a stroke of genius, saying that the GOP may have just “stolen the women’s vote from the Democrats” (because everybody knows all women care about is that the candidate have a vagina like they do). Rush went on to point out that Palin doesn’t wear pantsuits, instead opting for a skirt (the way a woman should). From there he felt the need to point out that Obama and Biden were in Beaver, Pennsylvania today. Yeah, the GOP really knows how to go after the women’s vote alright.

If you ask me this is a pretty blatant and sad attempt at playing catch-up with the pace that has been set by the Democrats. The Republicans have spent the election decrying how the Democrats are all about identity politics and have been “playing the race card” by choosing Obama. Now it looks like they hope to capture the same identity politics voter bloc by appealing to gender in the hopes it will sway Hillary supporters to the GOP side.

Palin is being billed as a “reformer” based upon her political activities in Alaska. But those hoping that means much of anything may want to take a look at the bigger picture. She has family ties to big oil and her choice as VP on the ticket is probably meant to signal the new energy policy of the McCain administration will very closely follow the old energy policy of the Bush administration with a fresh emphasis on drilling here in the states as some kind of “solution” to our energy woes.

She is also currently under an ethics investigation for abuse of power.

Lucky for McCain that after eight years of Bush scandals most Republican voters are numb to ethics violations.

For a better idea of just how much of a “reform” ticket McCain/Palin will be, consider the fact that McCain has invited Dick Cheney to emerge from his underground bunker at some undisclosed location long enough to speak at the GOP Convention, no doubt spelling out for America just how important it is to leave a bunch of grizzled old NeoCon war-mongers in charge after eight years of bungled policy and ruinous mistakes. Sounds like the new GOP is going to look much like the old GOP… But this time with some last minute vagina added on for some cheap votes.

Palin is also pro-life with five children of her own (the right wing pundits have already declared that she scores political points for birthing a child with Down syndrome rather than having an abortion). Way to turn a human being with a genetic disability into a political wedge issue guys! Because everybody knows that Democrats want all babies not 100% genetically perfect aborted on the spot.

But hey, good for McCain. Even if political events forced him to make a pandering decision that is supposed to appear progressive, he still did it. Either way now, history will be made in this election. Whether such bald tactics will be enough to sway the voters to McCain come November remains to be seen.

postscript: I found this excellent blog entry that does a nice job of detailing the inside politics of Palin’s career in Alaska. I highly recommend this read.


7 Responses to “McCain’s VP choice smacks of pandering…”

  1. Disinformation is the perfect title for this blog. Describing her husband’s job in an oil field as “family ties to big oil” is a little misleading. Does a person get family ties to big oil by working at a gas station too?

    Her “ethics violation” is also bs. If she didn’t fire Monegan as he alleges she did, she should have. The trooper should have been fired for tasering his step son, illegally shooting a moose and threatening to kill his father in law.

    She’s a great choice and pandering or not it’s effects go beyond women. I probably wouldn’t have bothered voting or if i did I would have voted for McCain. Now I’m sure I’ll go both.

  2. Todd Palin worked in the oil fields of Alaska for 18 years for BP. When he quit he was a production supervisor for the company and had to leave to avoid conflict of interest because BP was in negotiations with his wife’s administration over a proposed pipeline.

    BP is a major oil company. He worked for them. Hence he was tied to big oil and it’s interests. Trying to minimize the fact by comparing it to a guy working at a gas station is misleading. I never said the guy owned the company. But they did write his paychecks for 18 years.

    As for the ethics investigation being BS or not I couldn’t really say… This is from her wikipedia page on the subject:

    On July 11, 2008, Palin dismissed Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan for not adequately filling state trooper vacancies, and because he “did not turn out to be a team player on budgeting issues.”[60] She instead offered him a position as executive director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, which he turned down.[61][62] Her power to fire him is not in dispute, but Monegan alleged that his dismissal may have been an abuse of power tied to his reluctance to fire Palin’s former brother-in-law, Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten, who had been involved in a divorce and child custody battle with Palin’s sister, Molly McCann.[63]
    Palin replaced Monegan with Chuck Kopp, dismissing as false allegations that Kopp had sexually harassed a subordinate.[64]
    Palin said that her dismissal of Monegan was unrelated to the fact that he had not fired Wooten. Palin said that members of her staff had made contact with public safety officials regarding the trooper, though she said that her staff’s contacts with the commission were not directed by her and she had little knowledge of them. She also took disciplinary action against one member of her staff who had mentioned her and Wooten’s family connection to Monegan’s staff.[65] In August 2008, a bipartisan panel of the Alaska Legislature hired Steve Branchflower to investigate Palin and her staff for possible abuse of power surrounding the dismissal.[66] Democratic State Senator Hollis French, who is overseeing the investigation, says that the Palin administration has been cooperating and that subpoenas are unnecessary.[67]

  3. … As for the name of this blog… Previous to the last couple of posts this blog has been mostly an excuse for comedy and humor posts usually at the expense of conspiracy theorists.

    Hence the name “Dis-Information Station” and tagline “A blog for paranoids and the people out to get them”.

    Previous to this I have avoided political posts dealing directly with the election except for a few jokes in my ongoing New World Order Family Circus spoof. Again, this blog is mostly about my very odd sense of humor. These most recent posts have been the closest I have come to opinion and news items. Try not to take me too seriously.

  4. ….but anyways….The choice of a Vp is a meaningless distraction for a titular ttlle that will only ever mean something if the president dies in office……… hey wait with McCain that is about a 85%….. “HEY HONEY THROW BRING OUT THE BUBBLY… LOOKS LIKE WE MAY GET A SKIRT IN THE BIG OVAL ORIFICE”

  5. Wouldn’t that chap Hillary’s ass!… To have some totally unknown female GOP gov. swoop in and take the office when McCain croaks from the strain.

    It would almost be worth it to see the steam shooting out of her ears like she was Yosemite Sam.

  6. hehe good luck with the troll traffic tb … of course what you had to say about Palin is correct and that makes absolutely no difference to the typical wingnut troll … what’s this about a New World Order Family Circus spoof ? That seems like a perfect metaphorical vehicle for illustrating the last 8 years in DC … lmao

  7. […] I predicted in earlier blogs (here, here, and here) McCain’s risky gamble in picking Sarah Palin as his VP looks like it is now officially […]

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