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Archive for September 2008

First ever “Bigfoot did 9-11” t-shirt sold!

September 30, 2008

Special thanks go out to Joshua B. (you know who you are) who is the very first human being on the planet to purchase a “Bigfoot did 9-11” t-shirt from my companion website storefront texas buddha incorporated. As the first person on Earth to own a “Bigfoot did 9-11” t-shirt Joshua is truly 1 in […]

Sarah Palin – witchy woman

September 27, 2008

God I love watching this year’s presidential election. It comes out now that Sarah Palin’s church activities included hands-on blessings from an African priest known for his war on witchcraft. This video was shot when she was running for Governor and she said afterwards that she thought his prayer helped her win. Meanwhile, Palin continues […]

cult movies I have loved: Silent Running

September 17, 2008

This lesser known Sci-Fi movie from 1972 seems to leave very little middle ground in opinion. People either love it or hate it. If you like your science fiction filled with laser blasters and light sabers and marked by a soothingly simple contrast between good and evil then Silent Running will probably leave you scratching […]

the killing fields of Mexico

September 17, 2008

Just came across this story buried deep in the headlines. They speculate it might be related to organized crime. Hmmm… Ya think? 24 people killed execution style. What was your first clue?

escape from Hurricane Ike

September 13, 2008

I live in Houston and yesterday I left work early and got the family out of town. Three years ago I was caught in the exodus from Houston when Hurricane Rita looked like it was going to hit the area. I was one of the many people caught in the 20 hour drive to Austin. […]

New World Order Family Circus

September 5, 2008

Special thanks to everyone who has visited and especially The Comics Curmudgeon. I couldn’t have done it without you! CLICK HERE to check out the Master Archive for any of the New World Order Family Circus cartoons you might have missed!

church sign of the day

September 5, 2008

Vote McCain/Palin for the Promise of Holy War

September 5, 2008

So, I was half watching the Republicans at the GOP convention nominate McCain for president and I was thinking that there is a small problem with the message. I think most people are tired of war. The panic button has been pushed so many times by these guys that our adrenaline glands have burned themselves […]

Palin’s unwed daughter preggers!

September 2, 2008

above: the Palin’s wave goodbye to all ideological credibility The 17 year old teen daughter of McCain’s “family values” VP choice is pregnant and will keep the baby, and marry the father (maybe in that order). Shocking I say! Just shocking! That all of those good, old-fashioned family values didn’t rub off on Sarah Palin’s […]

Dick Cheney RNC speech cancelled…

September 2, 2008

Contrary to earlier plans, Dick Cheney’s speech at the RNC is cancelled because of Hurricane Gustav. Hurricane Gustav has forced the Republicans to scramble their convention plans. Knowing full well this storm echoes the Katrina disaster three years ago, McCain and Co. have cancelled all but essential business at the convention in an effort not […]