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Hurricane Gustav to hit during GOP Convention!


Man, the Republicans just can’t seem to catch a break this election year.

Hurricane Gustav is churning through the Gulf of Mexico on course to more or less repeat the same path that Hurricane Katrina followed three years ago. This storm is making landfall just as the GOP Convention is supposed to be getting underway, which puts the Republicans in a rather sticky situation as to exactly how to proceed.

As people are reminded of the bungled government response to Hurricane Katrina they will get back to back coverage of the storm in the Gulf with the GOP whooping it up in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

Officials are now concerned that what is essentially supposed to be a giant cheerleading party will come off as less than compassionate if held during a national disaster. Contingency plans have been waved about with some people suggesting staggering the event by a day or so and reorganizing the schedule, while others want to turn it into a fund raising event for hurricane relief. But people have already made their travel plans and shifting the schedule would be a logistical nightmare. Having a hurricane relief effort wrapped into the convention is a nice idea, but may take them off their message a bit more than they would like. Either way they are screwed.

It is like God’s own Republican Party has gone and pissed off the good Lord and now He in His infinite wisdom is tossing banana peels in their path every step of the way.

McCain is at pains to distance himself from the Bush Administration’s record, and having this storm arrive almost exactly on the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and during McCain’s nomination doesn’t help. Back in April of this year McCain was in the 9th Ward to promise people that never again would a disaster be handled as poorly as Katrina was. But people might remember that when Hurricane Katrina came ashore Bush was busy presenting McCain with a birthday cake on an airport tarmac in Arizona.


In an election year when the Republicans seem to have no end of image problems, you can add one more to the list.


One Response to “Hurricane Gustav to hit during GOP Convention!”

  1. Reports are now coming in that Gustav, while re-strengthening, will not be as devastating as Katrina – thank God.
    But the images are still indelibly printed on the mind’s of the electorate.

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