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Dick Cheney RNC speech cancelled…

Contrary to earlier plans, Dick Cheney’s speech at the RNC is cancelled because of Hurricane Gustav.


Hurricane Gustav has forced the Republicans to scramble their convention plans. Knowing full well this storm echoes the Katrina disaster three years ago, McCain and Co. have cancelled all but essential business at the convention in an effort not to look like they are celebrating while the storm washes ashore. The media is giving McCain credit for this move when really it is a pretty obvious no-brainer under the circumstances.


They’re sensitive about the appearance of their response to this disaster because the storm reminds people of the Bush Administration’s non-response to Katrina three years ago. This takes them off message, which would have surely included much rhetoric about national security, and forces a more somber and subdued RNC.

McCain is at pains to distance himself from the Bush Administration’s record, and having this storm arrive almost exactly on the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and during McCain’s nomination doesn’t help. Back in April of this year McCain was in the 9th Ward to promise people that never again would a disaster be handled as poorly as Katrina was. But people might remember that when Hurricane Katrina came ashore Bush was busy presenting McCain with a birthday cake on an airport tarmac in Arizona.

The Republicans are trying to avoid a repeat of the last fiasco, and so we will be treated to images of Bush looking concerned and shaking hands at the command center in Austin. Cheney’s speech has been cancelled so he can go back into his cryogenic chamber until they need to defrost him next time.


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