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Vote McCain/Palin for the Promise of Holy War

So, I was half watching the Republicans at the GOP convention nominate McCain for president and I was thinking that there is a small problem with the message.

I think most people are tired of war. The panic button has been pushed so many times by these guys that our adrenaline glands have burned themselves out. No matter how many times they bring up 9-11 and radical Islam and jihad, all it gets is a numb feeling like you get when you see a re-run of a sitcom you didn’t much like to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no namby-pamby limp-wristed liberal. I actually kind of like John McCain. Like 99% of Americans I did not know who Sarah Palin was before last week, but she seems like a nice enough person. I don’t hold her personal politics against her. If she like guns and hates abortion that is her right.

I consider myself a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I generally don’t agree with the far-right when it comes to social issues. I am for keeping abortion safe and legal. I don’t like the idea of abortion, but I think it should remain a legal option ideally for those rare cases where it is medically necessary or in cases of rape or incest.

I could care less if gays want to marry. I don’t consider that in any way a threat to the institution of marriage. That such a non-issue keeps being resurrected by the far-right strikes me as bizarre and little more than a cheap ploy for reactionary politicians to exploit a primitive homophobic fear reflex.

I don’t want to take people’s guns away. I don’t want big government. I like low taxes. In general, I believe the government that governs least governs best.

What I am hearing from the GOP as they try to elect McCain is the promise of more war. Mitt Romney seemed to want to earn the “I’m-way-more-conservative-than-you” award with his speech calling for liberals to be run out of the government and calling the supreme court too liberal. He warned of the danger of radical Islam and then ended his speech harkening to the days of Manifest Destiny with, “and I firmly believe, by the providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed.” Yeah… That’s the problem… After eight year of Bush America is too liberal. What alternate reality are you living in you spooky Mormon-fascist holy-warrior?

Rudy Guliani then came out and did his song and dance about 9-11 and the threat of radical jihadists.

Nevermind that the Bush administration botched the warnings that could have prevented that attack. Nevermind that afterwards they used the climate of fear as a pretext to invade Iraq on falsified and trumped up Intel instead of focusing on the capture of Osama bin Laden.

Here again, let me be clear. I am not for the appeasement of our enemies. I am not advocating some pie-in-the-sky peacenik fantasy where nobody ever fights with each other again and we all learn to get along and sing Kum Ba Yah together.

But I also think that America is better off only fighting wars in defense of our nation rather than wars of empire, wars built upon falsified intel, wars for war’s sake, and misdirected wars of aggression.

Sarah Palin’s convention speech was long on sarcastic jabs and short on actual content. It played well to the crowd of true believers in the audience, and the right-wing radio pundits would have you believe that this VP pick of McCain’s is a stroke of genius… That it has reversed the course of this election cycle and made a Republican victory a foregone conclusion. Meanwhile, a fresh complaint was filed against Palin by the Alaska police union assuring that her ethics will be in question all the way up to the general election. Now it is coming out that she has given sermons about how the invasion of Iraq was part of God’s plan.

Lots of blogs claim to have been written by Hillary supporters (that somehow come off sounding like right-wing drones) who now love Palin and plan to vote for McCain. Looks like the end of Obama for sure. Meanwhile since Palin’s speech last night Obama has raised close to $10 million dollars in contributions.

So what do Republicans really think of Sarah Palin for VP? Conservative commentators Noonan and Murphy on MSNBC thought they were off mic when they had this exchange:

Don’t believe the hype. This election is still Obama’s, possibly by a huge margin as the Republicans alienate the last of their supporters with crass gimmicks and empty rhetoric.


2 Responses to “Vote McCain/Palin for the Promise of Holy War”

  1. I personally love Sarah Palin but despire her slut-whore of a daughter.

  2. […] I predicted in earlier blogs (here, here, and here) McCain’s risky gamble in picking Sarah Palin as his VP looks like it is now […]

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