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escape from Hurricane Ike

I live in Houston and yesterday I left work early and got the family out of town.

Three years ago I was caught in the exodus from Houston when Hurricane Rita looked like it was going to hit the area. I was one of the many people caught in the 20 hour drive to Austin. It usually takes 3 hours.

This time I was expecting that we would be stuck in the same wall of traffic, but we managed to get on the road before the bulk of the evacuation and squeezed our way out of town ahead of the parking lot like conditions I suffered through last time. It only took 6 hours yesterday to make the drive.

Our house is far enough inland that flooding should not be a problem. The main reason I wanted to get us out of town was the potential wind damage. We have three gigantic pine trees in our yard and the idea of being in a major wind storm with those things maybe falling on the house is not something I want to risk.

I should have probably boarded up the windows, but alas it didn’t happen. Should be interesting to see how things worked out when I return after the storm to survey the damage.

Depending upon the scope of the disaster I may not be able to get anywhere near my house for some time after the storm passes. I heard TV wonks speculating that the area could be without power for as long as two weeks. That would give me some time to try to pick up some of the debris while I’m waiting for my job site to start up again.

What a mess. But then, my family is safe and out of the storm. I just have to keep telling myself that whatever the damage these are all just material things and with a little luck they can all be replaced.


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