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cult movies I have loved: Silent Running


This lesser known Sci-Fi movie from 1972 seems to leave very little middle ground in opinion. People either love it or hate it. If you like your science fiction filled with laser blasters and light sabers and marked by a soothingly simple contrast between good and evil then Silent Running will probably leave you scratching your head.

To be sure, this movie has more that it’s fair share of super-cheesy moments. The Joan Biaz song on the soundtrack alone will be enough to make some people want to stab themselves in the ears with knitting needles.

But if you can get beyond the 1970’s campy feel and enjoy a somewhat atypical story you will be rewarded by the amazing performance of Bruce Dern.

The Earth it seems is doomed and the world’s forests have been moved into space aboard giant floating greenhouses. Early in the film the project is cancelled and the crew is told to destroy the forests and return home. At that point Bruce Dern goes eco-terrorist and kills the rest of the crew to save the forests. He then spends the entire rest of the movie alone in space emoting to his only friends who remain, his robots.

Some people will find the film slow in places, but for me the premise is fresh and interesting enough to sustain the dull moments. Bruce Dern does a nice job with this one man show. Just be sure to hide any sharp objects before the Joan Biaz song.


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