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Sarah Palin – witchy woman

God I love watching this year’s presidential election.

It comes out now that Sarah Palin’s church activities included hands-on blessings from an African priest known for his war on witchcraft.

This video was shot when she was running for Governor and she said afterwards that she thought his prayer helped her win.

Meanwhile, Palin continues to be investigated for abuse of power.

If McCain’s bid for office implodes like I think it is going to, he will have his choice of VP partly to thank for it.

These people are creepy and do not deserve to run this country.


4 Responses to “Sarah Palin – witchy woman”

  1. […] I predicted in earlier blogs (here, here, and here) McCain’s risky gamble in picking Sarah Palin as his VP looks like it is now […]

  2. The fact that she is attacking a Religion that is a recognized by the Constitution and is too included in the US Army Chaplin’s Handbook should speak loud enough that Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidism and all other Earth Based Religions are honourable, respectful, and do more to protect and bring prosperity to this Universe. Moreover, just this year 2008 the Pentagram was added to the list of recognized symbols that Military Soldiers are allowed on have placed upon their gravestones.

    Twenty Eight years ago Dr. Leo Martello formed Witches Anti Defamation League (“Don`t just stand there: WADL!”) in order to fight for the rights of Witches, Pagans and other Earth Religionists as the Country was beginning a revitalization of the Elder Paths of Religion. He lovingly and carefully crafted an Organization that is today one of if not the oldest Pagan Rights group in The United States of America. Dr. Leo changed the name from Witches Anti-Defamation League to Witches Anti Discrimination Lobby so the name would not be confused with the ADL (Anti Defamation League). http://www.aren.org/about/history.htm

    We do not seek out to create and destroy land or humanity, we revere it as sacred and in honouring the Great Mother and Father we bring balance to all things. We are just like everyone else and no different.

    In any Religion it is solely the individual who has either good or bad intentions and in that, that Single Individual is solely responsible for what they create. It is NOT the Religion that is good or bad.

    Moreover, Individual beliefs are inasmuch the same NO one Religion is either right or wrong, for in each of us the Soul has a destiny and journey in which is to be experienced and developed. Choice and the Freedom of such is the right of every single person that lives in the United States and should so be around the entirety of the world. For if this is truly embraced then truth and knowledge can be found and from that Ignorance can be destroyed.

    Too much has been lost because the lack of seeking to understand or gain knowledge has been lost to allowing man to tell and control what we think, speak, and do in our lives and that is dangerous for all humanity.

    Many Blessings in Love and Light
    Reverend. Afsanay De Ly
    Reverend. Lori Bruno

  3. Personally, I am not a religious person.

    That Palin’s church invites preachers who feel the need to bless people against the powers of witchcraft strikes me as odd mostly because to my way of thinking they might as well bless her against the evils of Halloween.

    It makes me think they are backward-ass hillybilly freaks.

  4. […] Witchcraft Being Attacked October 7, 2008 Posted by goldenmagiofsacredcirclescoven in Religious Rights. trackback https://texasbuddha.wordpress.com/2008/09/27/sarah-palin-witchy-woman/#comment-344 […]

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