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First ever “Bigfoot did 9-11” t-shirt sold!


Special thanks go out to Joshua B. (you know who you are) who is the very first human being on the planet to purchase a “Bigfoot did 9-11” t-shirt from my companion website storefront texas buddha incorporated.

As the first person on Earth to own a “Bigfoot did 9-11” t-shirt Joshua is truly 1 in 6,726,902,160 according to the most recent calculations of the world population clock as of this blog posting. Joshua does not follow the herd. He leads the herd well in advance of everybody else and blazes his own trail.

The good news for the rest of you tired, weary, huddled masses is that you still have a chance to be a 100% original just like Joshua. There are still several designs that have not sold at all, so you too can be 1 in 6,726,902,160!

But you had all better hurry and try to beat each other to the punch. Pretty soon these things are going to be flying off the shelves like Spuds MacKenzie gear was doing back in 1988. And then you’ll just look like another pathetic poser trying to be hip and follow the latest trend. So make a preemptive fashion strike now before the economy collapses any further and you’ll have to barter with sex to get one.


But wait… What’s all the fuss about? What the fuck are these “Bigfoot did 9-11” t-shirts anyway?

Wake up sheeple! Everybody who’s anybody already knows that Bigfoot did 9-11.

But in case you didn’t, then here is the ironclad 100% proof:

Now that Joshua B. is out proudly spreading the word it is only a matter of time before the conspiracy is finally exposed and the Bigfoot Illuminati New World Order Cabal can at last be brought to justice for their crimes!

Thanks again Joshua. You are a true patriot!


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