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cult movies I have loved: Six-String Samurai


The year was 1998 and a low budget post-apocalyptic action/comedy musical won Slamdance awards for best editing and cinematography and rave reviews from the likes of Fangoria, Film Threat and Ain’t It Cool News. Made on a budget of $2,000,000, it only made $124,494 at the box offices and then seemingly vanished forever into the ether of forgotten indie films.

I can think of few movies that more deserve a second life on DVD than Six-String Samurai.

The plot revolves around Buddy (Buddy Holly? duh… yes Buddy Holly) who must cross a post-apocalyptic wasteland to “Lost” Vegas so he can claim the throne of the King of Rock & Roll left vacant by the death of Elvis… All this transpires in an alternate reality where America has been laid to waste by a Russian nuclear attack and those who are left fight it out to rule the survivors with their musical credibility and samurai skills. All along the way Buddy is stalked by a Grim Reaper type character that wants to kill him and replace rock and roll with heavy metal. Enough said. Just know that it works on many levels and is highly entertaining.

If you missed this gem when it made it’s fleeting pass through the theaters then take the time to seek it out now and help them recoup their monetary losses after the fact.


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