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This is The End for McCain

Here is a little mood music for the McCain/Palin ticket as they stagger into the final stretch:

Obama is pulling ahead in the most recent polls. Indeed, despite Sarah Palin’s recent attempts to associate him with terrorism, Obama is increasing his lead. As of this writing Obama looks poised to pick up eight states more than the Democrats were able to manage in 2004.

As I predicted in earlier blogs (here, here, and here) McCain’s risky gamble in picking Sarah Palin as his VP looks like it is now officially blowing up in his face.

While the choice initially injected his campaign with some excitement and was credited with “energizing the base”, now that America has had a few weeks to get to know her the thrill is quickly wearing off. The miscalculation, it seems to me, was in deciding to shore up the base in the first place. McCain probably could have counted on hardcore conservatives to hold their noses and vote for him anyway. What he really needed to do was expand out from the base. That probably wouldn’t have worked for him either in this toxic political year where it looks like Republicans are going to be cast out into the wilderness en masse.

Palin is too far right, to “folksy” (I like to call it incoherent and annoying), and too creepily religious to appeal to much of anybody beyond the ultra-far-right. As such, whatever attacks she mounts on John McCain’s behalf will be little more that preaching to the converted. Nothing is so boring as getting together a rally full of people that already agree with you and getting them to nod along with everything you say. It isn’t going to work. Especially since the polls are now showing Palin’s negatives have doubled since people actually got a taste of who she is.

The folksy small town token female gamble might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but McCain failed to realize that his VP choice sounds even worse than George W. Bush whenever she goes off script. People tried that aw-shucks folksy bullshit with Bush. The verdict is in. It was a fucking disaster. People have decided they would like to hear from somebody who can speak a complete sentence and makes their political decisions based upon something else besides prayer meetings.

I wasn’t so sure before, and I still think it stands to be close on election night, but I’m calling this thing for Obama/Biden. America is finished with the Republicans for now. They blew it. Voters would rather give the reins of government to the new guy even if they don’t know him all that well. Barring some kind of massive terrorist attack on our soil before November or an official videotaped endorsement from Osama bin Laden himself, this thing is all but over.

Put on your Sunday best and join the solemn march to the voter’s booth in November because that sucking sound you hear is the funeral dirge of the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential hopes as they go down the drain.


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