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Right Wing Pundits already looking past election

Obama maintains an 11 point lead in the new Gallup poll today, and it is starting to look like America will elect the first black president come November.

While they might deny it themselves I sense a shift in the vast right wing talk show wasteland. On the surface they continue to advocate for the idea of a McCain presidency, but beneath the surface they are already laying the framework for an attack on the Obama presidency.

Rush Limbaugh has been at pains off and on to sound enthusiastic about McCain anyway. He isn’t a true conservative by Rush’s terms. But Rush has tried to scare voters off Obama for awhile now. The basic argument is that he’s a socialist and when elected all the commies and terrorists will go with him to Washington. Beyond that though, he has recently hit upon another premise over and over again. Everything is the Democrats fault. The economic mess that is currently dooming the Rupublicans can all be traced back to the Clinton years in Rush’s world. Rush has also been mentioning several times a day that Obama is going to “steal” the election with ACORN voter fraud.

Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo, a lesser conservative radio mouthpiece, was hitting on the same theme in a much expanded form today. He was saying that the left wing media is creating the economic disaster to help Obama win because the economy is the only issue Obama can win with. According to Pag’s conspiracy theory, the economy is just fine and the meltdown on Wall Street is a media invention. When a caller pointed out that President Bush had called a news conference to announce the economic meltdown and propose the bailout, Pags said that Bush was basically falling victim to the same left wing media hysteria. The economy is fine. It’s all an illusion created by the evil liberals. By way of measuring just how biased Pags can be in his politics he was also dismissing the story today about Sarah Palin welcoming the secessionist group Alaska Independent Party to their 2008 convention. Had Obama hosted a secessionist group earlier this year what do you think the reaction from the right would be?

above: example of Evil Liberal

And so the framework is being laid in advance. The right wing radio pundits have seen the writing on the wall and opted to start undermining the Obama administration in advance. Get ready for at least 4 years of whining conservative rhetoric about how The Far Left controls everything. Oh wait. They never really stopped. Everything that went wrong during the Bush years was the Democrats fault. Somehow even with a stranglehold on government for the last eight years the conservatives were victims of those sneaky liberals.

The far right is in full meltdown just like the economy, but they are in denial about that as well.


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