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Search your house for New World Order spy devices ASAP!

spy satellite is watching you

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Now is the time for you to trust those paranoid feelings. That creeping sensation that you are secretly being monitored is really your intuition telling you something isn’t right. Listen to it!

That’s what we had to do recently when the evidence that we were under secret surveillance began to mount all around us. It started with the occasional clicking sound on the phone and an intermittent blinking and humming of the TV set, and progressed to that creepy feeling that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you could swear that somebody’s watching you. My suspicions were finally confirmed when I found this little insect-cyborg dead on a windowsill.

worker bee spybot

The only course of action under such circumstances is to do a systematic search of your residence looking for government spy bugs. Alas, these are not rank amateurs we are dealing with here, so in all likelihood you are looking at a pretty large demolition project to rid yourself of these pesky spybots.

From my personal experience I suggest you start by tearing out the drywall along the route of all of your wiring and plumbing. These areas make ideal hiding places since devices can be easily placed behind outlet wall plates and plumbing fixtures.

pay special attention to plumbing and wiring paths

a drywall saw will speed your work

These devices are tiny and easy to hide, so the only way to be 100% certain you are rid of them all is to tear everything out and start fresh with supplies from a trusted source. Careful! Do all the work yourself or have only trusted friends assist you as any hired help is a possible Illuminati agent who could easily be planting new bugs as they pretend to remove the old ones. Trust no one!

anti-New World Order demolition project in progress

Because these devices are so small it may be nearly impossible to be sure that you have removed them all unless you strip the house down to the bare framework and throw everything away. Just remember, better safe than sorry. Eluding detection by the Illuminati Reptilian Elite is well worth the effort involved in demolition and reconstruction of your home.

tiny devices might be anywhere

Pay special attention to all phones and phone lines as they might be bugged anywhere from the phone device itself all the way through the phone line and out to the utility pole. You’ll have to examine every square inch to be sure. Better yet, cut the lines of communication off altogether. Use only public phones from remote locations when absolutely necessary from now on.

this phone was bugged

phone line with bug attached

It should go without saying that any household appliance with any sort of computer circuit board is an open invitation to Illuminati bugs. New World Order agents love to plant their chips in existing computers by way of disguising the devices and avoiding detection. That being the case you should know that your TV, radio, refrigerator, oven, etc, are all suspect and prone to sabotage. Using a cell phone is like broadcasting your whereabouts with a personal GPS unit for them. You might as well put a little shooting target on top of your head.

You’ll also want to take the time to check inside all you ceiling and wall vents. Vents make ideal places for hidden cameras and chances are you’ll find at least one in every room.

vents are great for hidden cameras and microphones

These tiny cameras are small enough that they can be secreted almost anywhere. Check any vents with fans or any ceiling fans extra carefully, as these may have the camera disguised as part of the hardware rather than hidden in plain sight.

you’re probably being monitored right now

tiny cameras are hidden everywhere

You probably think you’re done now that you’ve torn out all the walls, thrown out all your appliances, and searched and cleared all the air ducts. Think again! Better tear up any carpet you might have and make sure the sneaky Reptilian bastards didn’t plants any microchip tracking technology underneath your flooring. You never know what you’ll find.

another New World Order tracking device

I only hope that you found this post by way of a proxy server so that the Illuminati spy network was not able to track your internet search terms and find you. Of course you should probably destroy your computer just to be safe.

Now that you’ve rid your happy home of all the Illuminati New World Order nano-tech surveillance you could find you can temporarily relax and enjoy life off the grid for awhile.

home sweet home

But don’t get too comfortable. Tune in next time when we’ll discuss how to go about getting your doctor to take you seriously when you tell him about the microchip implants you suspect you have all over your body.


9 Responses to “Search your house for New World Order spy devices ASAP!”

  1. Search your house for New World Order spy devices ASAP!…

    New World Order agents love to plant their chips in existing computers by way of disguising the devices and avoiding detection. That being the case you should know that your TV, radio, refrigerator, oven, etc, are all suspect and prone ……

  2. […] Search your house for New World Order spy devices ASAP! […]

  3. […] Search your house for New World Order spy devices ASAP! […]

  4. The key to defeating the NWO Reptilian Mothmen and their surveillance apparati is to not remove the bugs, but to openly and obviously plan bogus ops as if they were real, taking care to implicate your loudmouth, redneck neighbors, asshole coworkers, freeloading relatives.

    When the shit hits the fan, you’ll be making pancakes in your bunker while everyone who ever wronged you is being rounded up and sent to the REX84 camps.

    After that, you can sit back and relax while the Null-A’s on Venus do the heavy lifting of liberating Earth from the Shadow Men.

  5. Are you serious about total demolison? More insects would just come in! We will have the New World Order, by consent or Conquest, and as stupid as the people are, i suppose it will be largely by consent.

  6. Granted, new bugs are always being planted, but total demolition is really the only way to make an initial clean sweep of your area.

    After that you still have to remain wary of fresh invasions of nano-tech devices, but once you are living off the grid and out of a tent it will be much easier for you to disappear into the wilderness when the time for fight or flight arrives.

  7. Hilarious! That may be one of the funniest things I’ve seen. You need to be a writer for Jon Stewart or Colbert.

  8. To be completely ridden and free of any illuminati apparatus you need to drink a bottle of bleach to flush out the nano tech. I’d also suggest over time attempt to turn your body inside out and scan your body with a metal detector. As far as surroundings go destroy your whole house then move to the amazon dig a big fucking hole jump in it and stay there.

    If you just believed any of my comment or the post then your are just as bad as the sheeple!

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