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3rd debate postmortem and reader poll

So I missed parts of it because I have kids and a life, but I watched most of the 3rd debate between Obama and McCain. I’ve thought all along that Obama has what it takes to do the job, and McCain’s presentation in debate is a tad rusty… Certainly not as smooth as the ice man Obama’s slick delivery.

Basically, it just doesn’t look like it is McCain’s year. Make that century probably, since he won’t have it in him to try too many more times after this I imagine. I almost feel kinda bad for the guy. Almost. And then I remember Sarah Palin and think of what sort of fresh horrors might await us all should the McCain/Palin ticket succeed.

I watched a little bit of the post debate analysis and the pundits all seemed to agree that while neither candidate had any gaffes, it wasn’t a “game changer” and there were no “knock-outs blows” dealt. That said they were all talking about the McCain ticket in the past tense. It wasn’t fully articulated until David Brooks (a conservative who regularly enrages fellow conservatives by saying what he thinks instead of towing the party line) acknowledged the dead elephant in the room and said the magic words: “McCain will probably lose”.

The new CNN electoral map has been brave enough to state that if the election were held today Obama would win with 277 electoral college votes. But they are being charitable in that assessment. The good folks over at electoral-vote.com have been following the trends very closely, updating the map with each new state poll that comes out, and they currently predict an Obama victory with 357 votes in the electoral college.

It looks like this year is a very bad year to be a republican running for office. Who knows. Something awful might happen that McCain could spin to his advantage in these final days to turn things in his favor. I sort of doubt it though.


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