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riding Cowboy Conservatism right off a cliff

So much has been made in recent days and weeks about the election that I don’t really feel much of a need to rehash any of it for you. I’ll just assume that, like me, you are a total political junkie this year and are searching out news and blogs on the subject like it is your next hit of bathtub meth.

McCain’s attack dog Sarah Palin has raised some eyebrows with her attacks on Obama and the reactions from the crowd she has gotten with them. We shouldn’t be surprised. McCain/Palin are down in the polls and there comes a time in such a losing effort where the impulse to go negative overcomes all else and in a panic they begin to throw everything they have into the mix just to see what sticks.

Normally negative politics makes me queasy, but in this case I’m all for it… Especially since it doesn’t seem to be working. Indeed it appears to be having the opposite effect. So bald are the tires on the Straight Talk Express that people can see the desperation for what it is and it is turning them off in droves.

The genetic code of the conservative does not seem to allow for apology or correction under any circumstances. Once a gaffe is made it must be defended at all costs. To abandon it would be to admit fallibility. Hence when asked if she regrets going negative with the whole “Obama pals around with terrorists” thing, Palin sticks to her rootin’-tootin’ guns and defends her losing stratee-gery. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Likewise Rush Limbaugh (perhaps failing to see his star is on the wan through the drug-fugue) thought it was a good idea to say that Colin Powell only endorsed Obama because of race. And he won’t back down, so don’t try to tell him that focusing on a person’s skin color is a racist thing to do. Limbaugh is one of those surreal characters who think it is funny to broadcast Ebonics translations for the common black folks in case they don’t understand English, but will call liberals racist if they happen to notice and take offense. It’s all in the name of up-ending political correctness… So race-baiting is fair game.

The innate inability of conservatives to change course to avoid disaster is what we are watching. Having struck such a rigid stance of moral outrage, they feel they have no choice but to ride that horse , guns a-blazin’, off into the sunset, even if it means they take themselves right off a cliff.

This is the historic unraveling of the faux-conservative movement begun by Ronald Reagan. It worked for him; pretending to be an outsider, pretending he wanted smaller government, and then presiding over one of the biggest expansions of government in history. Isn’t it funny how these guys who claim to want smaller government always seem to grow it, and the ones who claim to want to keep government out of your lives then turn around and tell you what your moral code should be?

I could never figure that out.

But people ate it up, and it worked at the way up until now. Clinton wasn’t the liberal The Right tells you he was. What pissed them off so bad was that he was so good at stealing their message. But I digress.

To hear The Right tell it Obama is a Radical Socialist. The reason it isn’t working at the polls is because it doesn’t ring true when you hear the man. Sure, his tax plan shifts some responsibility to the rich. But that’s where the money is. It isn’t biting him on the ass because the vast majority of people aren’t rich. Class warfare is only fun if you get to win I guess. Trickle Down Economics was a big hit back in the day, but that was when folks still thought that by being good employees their benefactors might promote them based upon their merits to help them reach the top too.

Now they realize that the boss is off on vacation doing blow on the company dime while the rest of us poor saps are getting yelled at for being 5 minutes late to our dead-end jobs.

Call it Socialism if you want. What I see happening is people getting tired of voting for the same old assholes after giving them every benefit of the doubt for the last 30 years. Time to let some new assholes give it a shot.

The Republicans will no doubt try to contest this election if it is at all close, and when that doesn’t work they will default to their comfort zone position of endless whining about the Liberal Media Bias and how everything awful that happens is the fault of Democrats. In fact, if you listen to talk radio that is what the have been saying for the entire Bush Presidency. In truth, they have nobody to blame but themselves for the reversal of their fortunes. They spent too much time being preachy and moralistic, and not enough time fixing the problems of this nation. For their failure they have been cast out. As they try to whine about it please remind yourselves that they are complaining that they have to follow the will of the American people.


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