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chemtrail photo of the day



5 Responses to “chemtrail photo of the day”

  1. I can’t read the date. Was this before or after the MKULTRA/COINTLPRO experiment known as Live from Hawaii, Via Satellite?

  2. Comrade Denny,

    Thank goodness you’re safe. The delay in your reply had me wondering if the Shadow Men had finally tracked you down.

    Indeed, Elvis’ chemtrail Nixon summit was part and parcel with his MK Ultra activities. His black-op programs can basically be traced to when he began wearing jumpsuits with elaborate sequins. More on this later.

  3. TB: It’s pointless to hide from the Shadow Men. They can be (and are) everywhere, and in fact, I have no firm way of knowing if my own shadow has, in fact, been replaced with a Shadow Man. That they haven’t neutralized me yet makes me question the effectiveness of my work against them. Still, one must keep on keeping on…

    Re: Elvis & Sequins

    From what I’ve read, the sequins created a disruption barrier that protected Elvis from the metasonic monoethnic mind-control apparati he borrowed from Nixon to help him with his Southern Strategy.

  4. I assume you are wearing your Orgone medallion everywhere you go.

  5. I’m still waiting for the one I ordered from QVC to come in the mail. I suspect that Viacom (suspiciously phonetically similar to Viet Cong, no?) is using its connections in the U(nited) S(ocialist) Post “Office” (they have more than one!) to demoniacally delay or divert delivery of the device….

    This flow chart lays it all out.

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