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New World Order Family Circus

Merry Christmas from the Global Satanic Conspiracy everyone!

Special thanks to everyone who has visited and especially The Comics Curmudgeon. I couldn’t have done it without you!



CLICK HERE to check out the Master Archive for any of the New World Order Family Circus cartoons you might have missed!


2 Responses to “New World Order Family Circus”

  1. Illuminati, now that’s some really trippy business! I searched that on Youtube once and found some pretty crazy stuff!

  2. And let’s not forget the other half of the Santa Claus “myth” – that of Uncle Gunnysack, aka Tonton Macoute, who stuffs naughty children in his gunnysack (it’s ain’t just for present, y’know!) and drowns them in the the swamps, i.e. renders and waterboards those who won’t submit to his absolutist, arbitrary rule.

    A westernized, neo-pagan version was featured on S3x08 of Supernatural.

    Teh Truth is Somewhere!

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