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New World Order Family Circus

Special thanks to everyone who has visited and especially The Comics Curmudgeon. I couldn’t have done it without you!



CLICK HERE to check out the Master Archive for any of the New World Order Family Circus cartoons you might have missed!


2 Responses to “New World Order Family Circus”

  1. Are you giving an example of predictive programming, or actually attempting it by typecasting those who are critical of BO?

  2. Who’s typecasting? I got spam emails for months in advance of the election that sounded just like this. There are youtube videos about Obama’s use of mass hypnosis. It isn’t like I made this stuff up.

    But to answer your question with a non-answer, I don’t really like to overtly unpack the symbolism and meaning of my cartoons for readers. I prefer to let the readers decide what they think they mean.

    For example, If you think I’m just a guy making a joke then maybe you think I’m poking fun at Christian fundamentalists… But if you were prone to paranoia and conspiracy theories you might think that these cartoons and some of my other posts are some kind of organized effort on the part of some secret government psy-ops program to further the New World Order agenda.

    I’ll never tell which.

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