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BEER TRAIN update – May 14, 2009

I’ve not said much recently. I’ve been way too busy what with having a full time job, wife, and kids to enhance my experience while I attempt this foolhardy endeavor.

Much has happened, and yet at the end of each weekend I would be left with this weird sense of being stuck in tar or maybe frozen in amber… Time passes and things change, but the end result seems little different. And yet each passing day has brought me closer to this first shooting weekend.

I wrote the passage above last month before we had done any filming. Now I’m on the other end of the process.

We did two weekends of filming and managed to get a total of 6 (or 7 depending on how you count them) scenes filmed. It was a lot of work getting that far. Most of this project has involved logistics and planning. That has probably been my least favorite part. But the actual filming was really fun. I’m the writer, producer, director, and an actor in this, so pretty much had my fingers into just about every aspect of it.

The bad news is we didn’t make it to the semifinals of the contest we were doing this for. But the good news is that the contest jump-started the whole thing and now he have the makings of 6 or 7 scenes on film and ready to edit into something we can use to seek investors for the feature length project. And without the contest hanging over our heads we don’t have to sweat any hard deadlines and can take our time to make it look how we want it to look.

So overall BEER TRAIN has gone great so far.

Once we have finished edited scenes to share I’ll post them here.
When I have more time I’ll post some behind the scenes photos and whatnot.


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