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Shocking videotape of David Carradine’s death surfaces!


Shocking videotape showing the sad death of David Carradine has surfaced on the internet and proves that David Carradine was not alone at the time of his death as was previously thought. Authorities are said to be attempting to track the source of the videotape, which surfaced on a file-sharing site late Thursday, June 11th.

Actually, this is a hoax you sick ambulance-chasing ghouls. Let the man rest in peace you fucking sickos. Are you so fucking jaded that you really want to watch the man choke to death? What is wrong with you people?

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. CLICK HERE and see what you should be looking at to honor the man’s memory.


One Response to “Shocking videotape of David Carradine’s death surfaces!”

  1. Is “jaded” the right word there? I understand why you’re using it, but i’m not sure it’s the best word for your purpose. You seem to be moving more in the direction of attacking people who lack empathy, and “jaded” doesn’t really hit that target.

    To be jaded is to be worn out with over-indulgence. You are looking more for a word that would connotate an inappropriate prurient interest in the man’s demise, so as to shame; “jaded” doesn’t do that.

    Plus, didn’t he die of a heart attack, brought on by the auto-erotic asphyxiation? I didn’t think he’d actually choked to death.

    My personal theory is ninjas.

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