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Gun rights poster boy Daniel James Murray and the plot against Obama

Boy, assassination plots sure aren’t what they used to be. But then again what with modern pharmacology being what it is, between the Zoloft, Effexor, and assorted other drugs on the market these days you can’t really expect people to properly fixate on delusional ideas like they used to.

DJMLast week Daniel James Murray walked into a bank in Utah and rambled off assorted threats while trying to withdraw all the money from his bank account. “We are on a mission to kill the President of the United States,” he said along with a string of other incoherent proclamations (“We are 94 million miles from the Sun. And we are in between and sun and the moon. And the eagle that flies between them…and I know things that are going to happen…people will die.” he added to clarify things) . The bankers – perhaps out of self preservation, perhaps just being lazy – gave him his $84,000 over the course of two days of these weird visits and let his go.

Lest there be any confusion, Murray has a history of what doctors call a Schizoaffective Disorder and thinks he is a messenger for God. He was locally known as “the cape guy” for his habit of wandering around wearing a cape.

He also reportedly has a personal gun collection of eight guns. So after withdrawing all his cash, threatening to kill the President of the United States and vanishing, an APB was put out and law enforcement went into high gear looking for the guy.

Come Friday it was all over when he was arrested outside a casino in Laughlin, Nev., according to the Secret Service.

All of which raises a few questions I have yet to hear anybody ask:

How does “the cape guy” who suffers with Schizoaffective Disorder come to be the registered owner of eight firearms?

Just how freaking loony does a person have to act to get detained while they are still at the bank threatening to kill the president and trying to withdraw all their money?

Why isn’t this guy the current hero and poster child of the NRA?

Where is this supposedly heavy-handed government crack-down on individual gun rights that has driven gun sales through the roof since Obama was elected?

It seems to me that if a cape-wearing, crazy-talking Schizophrenic can somehow legally amass a collection of eight firearms, make threats against politicians at a bank while making a withdrawal (on two different days mind you) and still manage to disappear for awhile before people think to go looking for him… well, maybe this brutal socialist dictatorship where we are all prisoners of the state isn’t quite so brutal as the right wing pundits would have us believe.


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