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The Lie of “the Liberal Media”: Life in the Conservative Echo Chamber

The unholy trinity of Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple decades, you’ve probably been exposed to right-wing radio pundits. They are literally a dime a dozen. It is easy to forget just how many of them there are until one of the really big ones goes on vacation and you start to see the long list of potential substitutes there are waiting in the wings to fill in at a moments notice.

One of the long held sacred cows of the right-wingers is that the mainstream media has an inherent liberal bias. It has been repeated so often and by so many of these guys that it is literally treated as an article of faith. It’s a foregone conclusion: A fact so obvious that it requires no evidence. The odd thing about such a claim is that there are so many conservative hosts with a national platform from which to preach this mantra. FOX News actively positions itself as an answer to this supposed liberal bias with their slogan “Fair and Balanced”. As if the answer to the imagined media slant is to intentionally slant in the other direction.

I started writing this entry way back in September 2009. Part of the plan was that I was going to pull photos of all the conservative talking heads I could think of and contrast them with all the liberal talking heads I could find… I sort of ran out of steam along the way. I’m not going to pretend that I was keeping records but I swear I had about 20 conservative TV and radio pundits. On the overtly liberal side I can think of maybe two or three off the top of my head. The task became exhausting and I abandoned it and this blog for other things I had going on.

But I hate to waste a goofy photoshop mash-up, so here it is.

Since this was first written the Democrats have totally squandered their supposedly powerful “filibuster proof” majority with the sort of dickering and stalling tactics that have long made them famous. Meanwhile, fueled by the rabid invective of the Tea Party types, the Republicans have managed to stage something of a resurgence.

There is much talk of Obama’s supposed socialist leanings, always seeming to forget that the bailout he is constantly blamed for was a largely bipartisan plan that was launched at the time to universal agreement as to the need for it.

Meanwhile, there is much speculation about the Republicans sweeping back into power. You can sense them drooling on themselves at the prospect of Obama being a one term President. I wouldn’t count those chickens before they hatch though. So far the supposedly resurgent Republican party looks a whole lot like a leaderless mess. The Tea Party people can’t agree with each other. The politicians aren’t sure whether to court them or not, and when they do they come off sounding crazed. Sarah Palin has no qualms about seeking favor and money wherever she can find it, but I think her base is more narrow than people realize. Mitt Romney is raising money for another White House run, but other than that what is he doing? Are they keeping him in cryogenic suspension in some bunker in the meanwhile? nobody on the right seems to have any better ideas other than running ever farther too the far right. I doubt that will fly come election time. They’ve been beating the same “God and Country” dead horse for so long that it has started to look like creepy corpse abuse to anybody but the most diehard true believers. They can’t win by appealing to the fringe, and I think mistaking the Tea Party folks for the center will backfire.

Obama’s still a two term president if he plays his cards right in my opinion.

Anyway, just some random thoughts after a long break from blogging.


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