DisInformation Station
A blog for paranoids and the people out to get them.

about the blogger

The author of Disinformation Station is just a regular family guy who likes to play with photoshop in what little spare time he has.

He certainly is NOT some kind of government operative assigned the task of undermining the opposition to the New World Order by way of online ridicule. He does NOT collect the IP addresses of visitors to this blog and forward them to his higher-ups in government. And there is NOT a huge team with a room full of servers assigned to his department for that task.

Thank you for your interest and please come again!



4 Responses to “about the blogger”

  1. Oh, really? Why would you deny it then?

  2. You got me. I guess my denial didn’t work.

  3. Where are you? You seem to have stopped posting as of January 2011?

    • Good of you to ask. As you noticed, I sort of disappeared. It wasn’t anything sinister (like the illuminati)… More just sort of accomplished short term what I wanted to do here and ran out of spare time. Loved doing this, but I have a wife and kids and household chores and bills to pay. Hard to justify the time and effort after awhile. Plus the fun of cracking jokes about conspiracy fixated crazies isn’t quite as much fun when they seem eternally bent on beating you to the crazy. It gets exhausting trying to keep up.

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