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BEER TRAIN – the movie (preproduction)

February 4, 2009

We are planning on whipping out a 3 minute short for entry into the contest in May, and barring that, to interest investors and use when we pitch the thing. Working on zero budget is a challenge. We will be scrounging props from where ever we can find them. Toward that end, I created a […]

cult movies I have loved: my favorite zombie movies (part 2)

January 10, 2009

It has been awhile since I’ve done an installment of my cult movie favorites, and I had barely posted my first installment of zombie movie favs when I started to suffer from horrible pangs of guilt. How could I have neglected to mention some of the greatest zombie movies ever committed to film? Even as […]

cult movies I have loved: Silent Running

September 17, 2008

This lesser known Sci-Fi movie from 1972 seems to leave very little middle ground in opinion. People either love it or hate it. If you like your science fiction filled with laser blasters and light sabers and marked by a soothingly simple contrast between good and evil then Silent Running will probably leave you scratching […]

cult movies I have loved: Dr. Strangelove

July 19, 2008

OK… OK… Maybe this movie is enough of a mainstream classic that it is something of a stretch calling it a “cult” movie, but a few weeks ago when I found it on DVD at the grocery store and bought it for $10 the zit-faced, saggy pants-wearing, emo-haired, generation-Y-next-zero-whatever-they-are-called cashier goon looked at the movie […]

cult movies I have loved: Little Murders

July 16, 2008

This little known gem started out as a play written by Jules Feiffer before it was made into a movie directed by first time director Alan Arkin. This very dark comedy requires a certain mood, and if you aren’t an Elliot Gould fan you might be put off by his involvement alone. Stand out performances […]

cult movies I have loved: Death Race 2000

July 9, 2008

There seems to be very little middle-ground in the range of opinion on this campy sci-fi comedy from 1975. You either love it or you hate it. Which camp you fall into seems to be based upon your tolerance of crap in your choice of entertainment. Am I saying this movie is crap? Not by […]

cult movies I have loved: THX 1138

July 4, 2008

For apocalyptic distopian sci-fi it is hard to beat this little known film directed by George Lucas back in 1971. If your are used to your sci-fi movies being more like Star Wars you are probably going to be disappointed, but if you enjoy head-scratching surrealism and fully realized atmosphere then get ready to visit […]