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BEER TRAIN movie scene

February 24, 2010

Hey everybody. Been a long time since I posted much of anything here. I sort of dropped the blogging thing and switched gears to work on the movie thing. That and regular everyday life is enough to keep me busy. We have some scenes put together and are hoping to shop it around for investors […]


March 15, 2009

The last couple of weekends I’ve been going back and forth to Austin for meetings with my small circle of supporters. Basically, the script for the movie short is written, the casting call has gone out, we’ve got a bunch of response from interested actors, and now all that remains is for us to line […]

BEER TRAIN – the movie

January 31, 2009

If you are like me, when you were a kid you dreamed of making your own movies. I used to envision films in my head… actually disjointed pieces of film mostly… centered around a particular image I found powerful… these ideas were wrapped around some very basic premise and that was as far as it […]

cult movies I have loved: my favorite zombie movies (part 2)

January 10, 2009

It has been awhile since I’ve done an installment of my cult movie favorites, and I had barely posted my first installment of zombie movie favs when I started to suffer from horrible pangs of guilt. How could I have neglected to mention some of the greatest zombie movies ever committed to film? Even as […]

lost scenes of cult classic Metropolis found!

July 22, 2008

Sure to delight fans of classic cinema it was widely reported today that lost scenes of this early science fiction masterpiece have been re-discovered.

cult movies I have loved: Dr. Strangelove

July 19, 2008

OK… OK… Maybe this movie is enough of a mainstream classic that it is something of a stretch calling it a “cult” movie, but a few weeks ago when I found it on DVD at the grocery store and bought it for $10 the zit-faced, saggy pants-wearing, emo-haired, generation-Y-next-zero-whatever-they-are-called cashier goon looked at the movie […]

cult movies I have loved: Little Murders

July 16, 2008

This little known gem started out as a play written by Jules Feiffer before it was made into a movie directed by first time director Alan Arkin. This very dark comedy requires a certain mood, and if you aren’t an Elliot Gould fan you might be put off by his involvement alone. Stand out performances […]

cult movies I have loved: my favorite zombie movies

July 11, 2008

What is it about zombies? They generally lack the personality of your other assorted horror movie monsters, and yet for my money they are far more entertaining than your average everyday ghost, werewolf, or run-of-the-mill vampire. What they lack in personality they usually make up for in sheer numbers and perhaps that is part of […]

cult movies I have loved: THX 1138

July 4, 2008

For apocalyptic distopian sci-fi it is hard to beat this little known film directed by George Lucas back in 1971. If your are used to your sci-fi movies being more like Star Wars you are probably going to be disappointed, but if you enjoy head-scratching surrealism and fully realized atmosphere then get ready to visit […]