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Right Wing Pundits already looking past election

October 10, 2008

Obama maintains an 11 point lead in the new Gallup poll today, and it is starting to look like America will elect the first black president come November. While they might deny it themselves I sense a shift in the vast right wing talk show wasteland. On the surface they continue to advocate for the […]

Dick Cheney RNC speech cancelled…

September 2, 2008

Contrary to earlier plans, Dick Cheney’s speech at the RNC is cancelled because of Hurricane Gustav. Hurricane Gustav has forced the Republicans to scramble their convention plans. Knowing full well this storm echoes the Katrina disaster three years ago, McCain and Co. have cancelled all but essential business at the convention in an effort not […]

Hurricane Gustav to hit during GOP Convention!

September 1, 2008

Man, the Republicans just can’t seem to catch a break this election year. Hurricane Gustav is churning through the Gulf of Mexico on course to more or less repeat the same path that Hurricane Katrina followed three years ago. This storm is making landfall just as the GOP Convention is supposed to be getting underway, […]