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C is for Conspiracy: the Sesame Street MK Ultra connection

Cookie Monster with a heavily redacted MK Ultra document

Those familiar with the dark world of conspiracy theory already know that almost nothing is what it appears to be.

MK Ultra was the operational name of a host of experiments into mind control conducted by the CIA. The program officially existed from the 1950s through the 1970s before it was supposedly discontinued. Although the CIA insists that MK-ULTRA-type experiments have been abandoned, 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti has stated in various interviews that the CIA routinely conducts disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MK-ULTRA was abandoned a “cover story”. Despite the claims that the program was discontinued, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the Jonestown Massacre was the end result of an MK Ultra program run amuck.

The children’s television program Sesame Street has long been a favorite of children and adults alike for the supposedly educational and wholesome content of the program, but evidence has begun to mount that this television program and others like it are part of a propaganda machine funded via front organizations meant to disguise the fact that they are actually part of an ongoing MK Ultra covert operation.

James (a.k.a. Jim) Maury Henson:
Illuminati puppet-master

Sesame Street first hit the airways on November 10, 1969 during the time period when it has now been established that MK Ultra was still an active program. Officially a product of the innocent sounding Children’s Television Workshop it is in fact funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The CPB was created on November 7, 1967 when U.S. president Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. This legislation paved the way for an elaborate series of indoctrination programs and covert-ops served up as “educational programming”.

Much of Sesame Street’s appeal was in the notion that it was educational fun that could be enjoyed by both adults and their children alike. The puppet skits and loose emphasis on teaching letters and numbers seemed like a great way to get children interested in learning.

However it was exactly this mix of innocuous fun and supposedly educational content that allowed for a steady stream of subliminal messages to be fed to America’s unwitting youth. While parents thought their children were learning the fundamentals of reading there was a slow, steady stream of coded messages being planted into the content. Each show had a specific letter and number sequence and over time these coded messages planted subliminal instructions of a still unknown nature in the minds of the young audience. An entire generation of programmed Manchurian candidates awaiting activation may have been created by way of these subliminal messages.

Meanwhile on a cultural level the characters of the show were used for predictive programming of the culture to accept the cultural problems that we as a society are only now beginning to realize exist. For example, Cookie Monster’s character telescoped our nation’s diabetes and obesity epidemic thirty years in advance of the fact. Likewise, does anybody remember gay marriage being a political issue before Ernie and Bert were shown happily living together as America’s first gay puppet couple?

Rubber Ducky isn’t the only thing Ernie is awfully fond of
(note: rainbow pattern of Bert’s shirt)

Another suspected MK Ultra children’s television indoctrination front was Captain Kangaroo.

A recurring gag on the program involved Captain Kangaroo being repeatedly rained upon with ping pong balls in what can only be described as a predictive programming exercise. The Captain’s distain for the event was all a part of the conditioned response in that it implied the recurring nature of this particular torment. While this was played for comedic effect it was obviously indoctrination and children were being trained to expect it and indeed to crave it.

Had Captain Kangaroo not be pelted with ping pong balls at least once each episode by Mr. Moose children would have felt cheated. That was the entire goal of the program. This may seem innocent enough on its face, but by inserting the conditioned response into the brain the mind becomes enslaved. Similar experiments with the same basic results have been conducted for years, most famously by Ivan Petrovich Pavlov and his dogs.

Here is a clip from probable MK Ultra indoctrination program Romper Room:

Notice how the entire point is to train the children to obey simple instructions so they can be better controlled by their masters. This program was straight up propagandistic obedience training. The children are being groomed to act as insect drones for the good of the greater colony by being taught to emulate Busy Bee. How many of these toddlers do you think grew up to become captains of industry? More than likely they are simple workers who push the button and turn the knob.

Another recurring skit on Romper Room was the Magic Mirror:

In this skit the children were told, after a psychedelic light show, that the host could see them (indeed addressing some of them by name) through the Magic Mirror. The premise was meant to instill in the child the idea of being under constant surveillance by way of an all-knowing being. Blind obedience to authority, whether religious or governmental, is the obvious goal of such an exercise.

Clearly MK Ultra is still going strong. The New World Order elite have been indoctrinating the youth of the planet via children’s television programming for generations now. At last tally, Sesame Street and assorted spin-offs had been converted and repackaged for transmission into more than thirty other countries worldwide and some twenty different languages.


20 Responses to “C is for Conspiracy: the Sesame Street MK Ultra connection”

  1. Did you notice the owl on the wall in the back of the room in the Romper Room “Bee” video? Scary!

  2. Indeed, the symbolic subtext of Romper Room couldn’t be much more blatant unless they did mock human sacrifices to Molech.

  3. This is why even from a young age, I preferred Great Space Coaster, which taught us to abandon the artificial, alienating, oppressive, repressive, regressive social confines imposed by family, Capital, and the State on our home planets and seek community and support in the autonomous, anti-authoritarian, anarchic, self-sufficient refuges of the deep-space asteroids.

    On the flip-side (and back on topic), let’s not forget Mr. Roger’s dream-world, his “Neighborhood of Make-Believe” where the absolutist yet bumbling King Friday rules a complacent, acquiescent, deferential, obedient population opposed only Lady Fairchilde who is reviled because of her propensity to “turn things upside down” (i.e. attempt a revolution) with her boomerang. Of course, as a member of the nobility, the most she ever was gunning for was a bourgeois revolution so she could acquire even more property and capital than the king would permit her…

  4. Holy crap, The begining of Romper Room has so many Masonic symbols that it’s amazing. It begins with a pyramid and goes from there. I can’t tell for sure but is that a G in the middle lower row on the Owl. The official Masonic seal also has the G.

    Fast forward to Dora the Explorer. I wonder what she is teaching my kids. To be tolerant to hispanics, maybe. Get ready for the North American Union, Probably.

    If I were president I would police the borders and lower the deficite in one action. How about a 1 mile free fire zone at the boarder. Gun enthusiests could go to the border and rent a 50 cal machine gun. And they would be able to shoot anything that moves in the free fire zone. Or for a bit more money and alot more bang for the buck you could rent an RPG.

    • Ok I’m not Mexican American, but your reply was totally disturbing. I don’t think the answer to illegal immigration is murdering everything that movies. Goodness gracious, lady. Do better.

  5. Without illegal immigrants, who will pick the vegetables and clean the Motel 6’s? Well-compensated American workers? Robots? Nice try, Illuminati, or should I say, Skynet?

    We’re on to you – oh, yes we are!

    • who will pick the fruit? why not the special ed people? we aren’t doing them any favors sticking them in group homes and expecting nothing from them. they are human too and many enjoy work, especially when they get a paycheck. it is not cruelty
      many that i worked with in the past had jobs and loved them

  6. You should check out Gwen Stefani’s videos on youtube – “Wind it Up” full of masonic ‘G’ symbols, as well as an overall tone of mind control. Gwen also has a video for “what you waiting for” which is in Alice in Wonderland style (another MK programming tool)

  7. Here’s THIS!!!

  8. I was really intrigued by this article and feel horribly guilty that I allowed my children to watch these programs. Now that I am awake and aware of these ongoing assaults on our psyche I would like to point another aspect of MK ULTRA Mind Controls various programs http://ascensioncorner.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/855/ Stop MK ULTRA Programs Now…. this outlines the program of enslavement of children at an early age into the Super Soldier and Sex Slave progams that ruined lives for a power and control agenda. These programs have been mentioned in hollywood series such as The Matrix and Bourne Identity. Oh what a terribly world we have experienced! Welcome change will be ours soon.

    Noeline Clayfield

    • I find it funny how your moronic article gets torn to shreds when you look at the reality of things, so allow to disprove every you wrote. 1. Cookie monster doesn’t just eat cookies he eats vegetables and lots of them and has gone on record saying that a cookie is a sometimes food and that kids should eat fruits, veggies, and meat to grow up to be strong. 2- Ernie and Bert ARE NOT GAY this has been confirmed multiple times by sesame street and the puppeteers your just seeing the characters how you want to see them but not how they truly are. 3- Jim Henson was a Christian and wouldn’t associate himself with some satanic cult. 5. And finally I love how you try to say that Sesame Street is trying brainwash kids yet you never say for what purpose, all I got is that the show is trying to teach kids to be respectable human beings and nothing more mover I find hilarious that all the kids who watched sesame street grow up to become normal people not brainwashed satanic worshipping drones, the kids either went on to to start families of their own and let their kids watch sesame street and other great shows that they grew up with so that their kids could experience the same things that they did as a kid while the other batch of kids moved on to bigger and better things heck, some even went on to question the shows morals if it clashed with them politically all this is proof that sesame street ant these other shows were not made to brainwash kids and that you people are full of bs.

      • Ryan you are just stupid. You clearly fail to see what is subliminally suggested oh so blatanty. ALL MEDIA is MIND CONTROL. Its all meant to form an opinion FOR YOU. Even Commercials… They want to mind conrol you into getting their product, or feel a certain way about an important political or social issue

  9. Hey have you ever heard Madonna say that she doesn’t let her children watch tv? I use to think it was because she didn’t want them to hear what they say about her on tv but I’m starting to think she knows that its poison to the mind.

  10. Thank you so much for your research.
    It’s sad to think I’ve spent hours of my childhood glued to the tv watching the Muppets. What clued me in to the muppets being some kind of mind control was all the famous singers and actors and actresses supporting the Muppets. Marionette was a shocker too. Even the Muppet Wizard of Oz remake and Frank Oz..strange.
    Thanks again!!

  11. My concern is that I am soon to be a father. I am a man who has made many mistakes, which are all well grounded in my upbringing; perantal influences, etc,. “Sins of the father….!” and all that jazz has been my main cognitive concern. But now my new found awareness of the subtle, potential conditioning/programming of children…!? This new spin now begs the question; How do I protect my child?
    Technology has come along way since Big Bird was corrupting the innocent. So many new influential portals, static and handheld. My only hope is to limit, but not totally deny. After all my aim is the promotion of a healthy mind not an isolated one.
    I apologize for my ramblings, food for every parents thoughts though….

  12. Real conspiracy wackos are good at lampooning themselves…Better at it than people who try to make fun of them, As for MK Ultra the only sinister effect it had was fleecing the taxpayer. It came at a time when the CIA was doing an impression of Wile E. Coyote. They didn’t just need to be watched. They needed to be looked after.

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